Upgrade to VSLS for 2012

June 14, 2012 – Vital-Sim Inc. is pleased to announce a major upgrade for improved PTC simulation/test and the addition of a Semi-Automatic Test feature for Aspects and Downgrades for customers that currently have the Router and Lamp Out List Generator accessory programs.

New features:


1.     Aspects and Downgrades – addition of new columns to Lamp Out Test Sheet Report:

  • PTC Code associated with aspect
  • LOK (signal lamp out indicator)
  • GK (signal clear indicator)

2.     Signal specific rule selection option for a location

  • To allow aspect definition/reporting of locations where different railroad “rule sets” cross or meet

3.     Semi-Automatic Test feature for Aspects and Downgrades

  • Colorlight Signals and Coded Tracks




1.     Support for ElectroLogIXS Logic Station 2.1/ACE 5.1 – (.rpt file split/separated into Vital and NV)


2.     Communications Setup upgrade to assist users in selecting/matching/verifying Serial Channel and Coded Track Circuit communications


3.     New Coded Track communications setup via “fence rectangle” select from the track plan


4.     Setup Dialog window changes

  • Improved user navigation, field/tab sequencing
  • Setup Dialogs reformatted to fit 1366×768 laptop screens
  • Colorlight signal setup dialog – new fields added for LOK, GK, PTC Start bit
    (to support Lamp Out Test Sheet changes)
  • Switch setup dialog
  • Custom Tag setup dialogs (Switch, Colorlight, Track Circuit)

5.     Aspects Dialog changes to support Semi-Automatic Test feature for Aspects and Downgrades

6.     Upgrades to facilitate setup of track plans with repeated instances of automatic signals, EOS’s

  • copy/paste
  • group update for setting program name references


7.     Support added for ElectroLogIXS Application ID

8.     ElectroLogIXS VTI-2S Cab Signaling (multiple instances now supported)

9.     ElectroLogIXS  – Correct start-up functionality for permanently energized equations.
(e.g., coded track code 1 out, enable for startup timers)

10.  New: Vital-Sim eXternal Relay file type (vxr) with automatic communication setup

11.  Improved support for MicroLok II numeric block/procedural logic

12.  Fix for switch track control  (previously not saved in some cases)

The Semi-Automatic Test feature for Aspects and Downgrades should be a major time saver for users working with many instances of smaller interlocking with Colorlight signals and Coded tracks. This time saving benefit will be even greater for customers who have purchased the Vital-Sim PTC compiler and need to test and deploy PTC at existing Colorlight/Coded Track locations. This feature is script based – an extension of the Lamp Out Test Sheet Generator (script files are generated for individual routes).


A new test tool is provided that takes the generator test script(s) and executes the Aspect and Downgrades test scripts; a time-stamped test log is generated for audit purposes.


These updates as well as the Semi-Automatic Test feature for Aspects and Downgrades is being provided to Vital-Sim Customers at No Charge provided they have previously purchased the Vital-Sim Router and Lamp Out List Generator accessory programs AND have a current Vital-Sim  System Support Agreement in place (1st year included with new Vital-Sim purchases)

For further information contact info@vital-sim.com