Lamp Out List Generator (Lamp-Out)

Prerequisites: Router Software Module, VSLS

For use during cutovers, the Lamp Out List Accessory Program allows the user to print a list of downgrade sequences for each aspect in all user-selected routes. The program furnishes a standard format list. Customized list formats can be installed by Vital-Sim, or can be created by the user.

The Lamp Out List Program is used to generate testing reports (test sheets) for field FRA/commisionning tests.The content of these reports is dependent on:

  • Railroad/convention (NORAC, Seaboard, Chessie, etc)
  • Signal type (colorlight, searchlight, position light, dwarf)
  • Route
  • Lamp outs (downgrades)
  • Track code

A database of default signal aspects and downgrades is provided and a set of dialog boxes is provided to define/configure expected aspects and downgrades for each signal/route combination.

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