Router Accessory Program (Router)

Prerequisites: VSLS

Route Locking List program permits the user to print several lists essential to cutover testing. The program furnishes a format list. Customized list formats can be installed by Vital-Sim, or can be created by the user. These lists are:

  • All Possible Routes
  • All Switches in Each Route
  • All Switches With Their Normal and Reverse Positions For Each Route
  • All Parallel Routes
  • All “Locked” Switches in Each Route That Could Permit A Conflicting Route
  • Sectional Clearing/Fleeting Options (future development)

The Route Locking List program also permits the user to print pictorials of each route, facilitating visual review and analysis prior to, and during, cutovers.

For some larger interlockings “over and back” routes may exist and these may be optionally highlighted/disabled for testing.

Prerequisite: for the Lamp-Out Test Module.





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