Compiler and Conversion Programs

Compiler & Conversion Programs have been developed for most major controllers and are continually being updated and upgraded as these products evolve.

Compiler and Conversion programs include:

  1. DOS HLC ®and VHLC® (Does not do ACE)
  2. VSLS Compiler for GE ACE®, EC-5, Electrologixs, IWP, VHLC® and HLC (Requirements: ACE Compiler Ver. 3.0, or later plus Validator or reports from GE generated by Ace Compiler and Validator – Does not do DOS VHLC)
  3. VSLS Compiler for US&S Microlok I® and Genisys
  4. VSLS Compiler for US&S Microtrax®
  5. VSLS Compiler for US&S Microlok II ® and Genisys,
  6. VSLS Compiler for EC-IV and E-P Electrologic®
  7. VSLS Compiler for Alstom VPI/CSEX®
  8. VSLS Compiler for GE® PTC
  9. VSLS Compiler for Siemens SICAS © S7 – Advance Release

In addition to the above items, if specific nomenclature requires development, there is a variable Pre-Shipment Programming Charge based on the time required for development. This set-up charge is assessed only if such nomenclature file has not been previously generated. Nomenclature files exist for AMTRAK, BNSF, CP, CSX, FEC, LIRR, Metro-North, NS and UPRR. Frequently, one of the above closely matches a railroad nomenclature file not on the list, resulting in a minimal charge, if any. If it is necessary to create such a file, the following material will be required to accurately quote on the set-up charge, and program the new file:

  1. Aspect Chart.
  2. Rule Book.
  3. Circuit Nomenclature (tag names) for switch controls and indications, track circuits, code rates, signal types, lamp out detection, etc.
  4. Sample location plans and programs, if available.
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