Technical Specifications

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Recommended Computer Configuration: PC or Laptop with multi-core processor. Min 4GB RAM, 100MB Drive space per location.
  • Operating System: Windows 7 or Windows XP SP3 (will support multiple monitors).
  • Either Office 2007/2010 32bit or Access 2007 Runtime (Runtime is available as a no charge download from Microsoft) software is required to use Router, Lamp Out Generator and Automatic Test (WINDOWS 7 requires Office 2010®)
  • Mouse: Generic two or three-button mouse.
  • Video Display: 2 or more 1920×1080 monitors recommended. Note: video cards supporting 2-4 monitors are available from Nvidia, ATI, and Matrox.
    (Quantity of monitors employed is controlled by number of any type of video board(s) purchased and mother board video card slot availability).

Display Characteristics

Display Configuration and Requirements

  • VSLS requires  1-8 monitors  for operation.
  • For optimized track display of larger locations, increasing the number of displays will increase effectiveness, up to a maximum of 8 displays.
  • Screens are configured by the user. The track and signal layout and circuit nomenclature lists (tag names of input, output and internal variable names) are developed by the user as required.

The screen and displays generated by VSLS:

  • Track diagram layout screen (2 pages).
  • Aspect displays for color light signals (3 pages).
  • Switch correspondence displays (2 pages).
  • Relay and track circuit status displays.
  • Sample track diagram.
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