Complimentary support is provided free for a period of one year following purchase of software products. Full support continues for all customers who opt to enter into a System Support agreement after that period.


Given the ever-changing nature of solid state interlocking products, it is highly likely that upgrades of the VSLS Basic System and Compiler and Conversion Programs will occur. At such time as an upgrade becomes available, all holders of the program will be notified. System Support is complimentary for one year and allows users to receive all updates, upgrades and enhancements to existing software and modules as well as having access on a no charge basis to direct telephone or e-mail support from Vital Sim, Inc.

If a Systems Support contract is in place after one year of purchase, all updates, upgrades and enhancements will continue to be provided at no additional charge otherwise these will not be available unless software is repurchased.


Lost Hardware Key Policy

The hardware lock “is” the Vital Signal Logic Simulator. Therefore, replacement of a lost lock will cause the purchaser to pay again the complete price of his Simulator. Recognizing that this is a severe penalty, Vital Sim is doing what it can do to prevent future lost Locks. Each Lock shipped to a customer is now provided with two brightly colored cautionary labels. From that point on it is up to the purchaser to recognize the significance of the Lock and to keep it under his secure control at all times.

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