Technical Specifications

These are the standard technical specifications for our products.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Recommended Computer Configuration: PC or Laptop with multi-core processor. Min 4GB RAM, 100MB Drive space per location.
  • Operating System: WINDOWS XP® or WINDOWS 7® (will support multiple monitors).
  • Office 2000® software is required to use Router, Lamp Out Generator and Automatic Test (WINDOWS 7 required Office 2010®)
  • Mouse: Generic two or three-button mouse.
  • Video Display: Color monitors with 1024 X 768 pixel capability, minimum; 1920×1080 or greater is recommended.
    (Quantity of monitors employed is controlled by number of an type of video board(s) purchased and mother board video card slot availability).


System Characteristics

  • Simultaneous Program Capacity: WINDOWS XP® 50 programs, WINDOWS 7® 50 programs(in each case RAM dependent)
  • Interfacing: Line and/or Relay logic
  • Following Capacities Are Per Program
    • Controls (fm cent. off. to ctrl. pt.): 1,024 max.
    • Indications (to cent. off. fm ctrl. pt.): 1,024 max.
    • Serial I/O (comms. between ctrl. pt. chassis): 1,024 in/1,024 out, max.
    • Physical Inputs (code rates, switch positions, etc.): 64 per I/) slot, max.
    • Physical Outputs (fm any cont. processor to controlled device; e.g. relay, switch machine, local cont. panel indicator lamp, etc.): 64 per I/O slot, max.
    • Internal Variables (relay functions other than inputs or outputs): 2048 max.
    • Logic Equations: virtually unlimited.
    • Timers: 256 timers max.
    • I/O slots: 64, max. (add’l 64 for VPI Extender Chassis)
    • Serial Channels: 26 in/26 out, max.
    • Coded Circuit Channels: Limited to 16 per program being simulated.


Display Characteristics

The screen and displays generated by VSLS:

  • Track diagram layout screen (2 pages).
  • Aspect displays for color light signals (3 pages).
  • Switch correspondence displays (2 pages).
  • Relay and track circuit status displays.
  • Sample track diagram.
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